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The Shilla Duty Free Delights Indonesian Travellers
With An Exquisite Travel Beauty Experience

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Located at the iconic Changi Airport in Singapore, The Shilla Duty Free caters to millions of travelers from around the world.
With statistics proving that Indonesian travelers are amongst the top spenders at The Shilla Duty Free, The Good Folks expanded
its scope of work to include media facilitation and liaison with Indonesian media throughout the year.


In an effort to increase awareness for the Shilla Beauty Loft, The Good Folks worked closely with various Indonesian publications and influencers to experience the luxurious travel beauty services by Dior, La Praire and SK-II. Following the engagement, we also collaborated with them to run exclusive giveaways to further engage their readers and social media followers respectively.

To date, we have worked with media publications including NYLON Indonesia, Her World Indonesia, Elle Indonesia, Cleo Indonesia, Cosmopolitan Indonesia, Grazia, Joy, Femina, Dewi, Pesona; and influencers like @michimomo, @merryriee, @veroonicaong, @catherinesumitri, @janineintansari, @pattdevdex and @sasyachi.