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Mission Foods Challenges You
To Stay Fit & Healthy With

Recent reports warn of rising obesity rates in Singapore, especially amongst young adults who face a big drop in physical activity when they start working, but continue consuming the same or even higher amounts of food. Against this backdrop, the team at Mission Foods Singapore stepped up to spearhead a mission to promote active change in the way Singaporeans live and eat.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or change an old one for a lifetime. Inspired by this insight, we teamed up with Fitness Guru, Dave Nuku and Celebrity Nutritionist, Alexandra Prabaharan to create an exciting yet simple to follow 21-Day programme called #The21DayMission.

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#The21DayMission was developed with the singular aim to educate the general public that leading a healthy, active lifestyle can be simple and easily achievable without being too time-consuming when one has the correct meal plan and fitness guidance. The programme, which went live on 9th May 2016, featured daily fitness and recipe videos that were sent to subscribers. Subscription was free and followers were sent links to the videos and meal plans in advance to be able to prepare for their 21-Day Mission.

To officially launch #The21DayMission in Singapore, we embarked on a comprehensive series of traditional media, social media, influencer and consumer engagement activities including media lunch deliveries, influencer engagement and on-ground consumer activations.

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