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Flaunt Your Individuality at
The Cathay's INK & CUT Pop-Up

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Armed with a fresh take on individuality and flair, The Good Folks took on the management of The Cathay’s INK & CUT pop-up in 2018,
including event conceptualisation, production, on-ground facilitation and all publicity efforts.


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Welcome to the new age – a world where conformity doesn’t quite cut it anymore, and creative self-expression is all the rage. In the spirit of celebrating authenticity and identity, The Cathay’s INK & CUT event returned for its second edition in 2018.

Featuring mystery tattoos by popular local tattoo studio, Traditions Tattoo Collective, and nifty hair tattoos by prominent barber group, The Golden Rule Barber Co, the pop-up was extremely well-received by the public, with sessions for mystery tattoos booked out for the day within the first hour.

On the PR front, media and influencers received an #InstaWorthy creative media kit for the event, consisting of an acrylic poster, designed to look like a rock/grunge concert poster. In line with the event’s theme, the colour-it-yourself element of the kit encouraged our recipients to pursue creative expression and freedom.

The Cathay’s INK & CUT pop-up was also featured by various media publications including 8 Days, Time Out, Honeycombers,, The Finder and Hype & Stuff etc.