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#FishyFebruary was a blast with Fish & Co.!

To ‘o-fish-cially’ kickstart our partnership with Fish & Co. in 2015, The Good Folks had a fabulously #fishyfebruary as we reeled in lots of buzz for
Fish & Co.’s Valentine’s Day ‘Love Bounty’ platter and its delicious chinese new year ‘Magni-fish-cent’ Yusheng!

Featuring perfectly-grilled king prawns, a juicy medley of mussels, scallops, prawn fritters and grilled tender white fish; served on top of glorious Paella rice and fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes, Fish & Co. brought back their scrumptious ‘Love Bounty’ meal for Valentine’s Day 2015 by popular demand!

Besides informing the traditional media about the delectable bounty, The Good Folks invited key influencers and their lovers to attend an exclusive cooking workshop at The Glasshouse, where they prepared a lovely Fish & Co. Valentine’s Day meal for two. Influencers who attended the cooking workshop were also gifted with perfectly “Instagrammable” creative media kits in the form of jars of gummy worms and hook bracelets with fish puns aplenty!

The workshop was extremely well-received and influencers left the event excited and wanting even more of such activities!


We’ve all had our moments of insatiable food cravings brought on by scrolling through our Instagram feeds and seeing all those amazing pictures of food, glorious food. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we knew creating social media buzz for Fish & Co.’s Magni-fish-cent Yusheng was the way to go!

Visual appeal is everything for social media, which is why we created an exclusive Yusheng appreciation kit for media and bloggers which included a specially-designed Fish & Co. table-mat for the Yusheng platter to prepare for the aftermath of crazy lo-heis (forget that ugly, old newspaper!), along with bright red cheery plates and disposable chopsticks for instant Yusheng gratification!

Embracing the spirit of Chinese New Year, The Good Folks & the Fish & Co. team personally delivered the Fish & Co. Magni-fish-cent Yusheng, along with the appreciation kits to media at their offices. Check out some of the vibrant pictures of our kit on Instagram through the hashtags #FishNCoSG and #FCCNY15!