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Escape into the Urban Forest
and Chomp On a Burger, only
at Hans Im Glück!

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In a short span of two months, The Good Folks established HANS IM GLÜCK Raffles Place as the quintessential forest escape in the city,
and a popular food destination amongst the CBD crowd, with snaking lunchtime queues every weekday.

Hans Im Gluck

The Good Folks was tasked to undertake the publicity for the launch of German gourmet burger chain, HANS IM GLÜCK, and its double-storey flagship burgergrill at Republic Plaza, Raffles Place.

Much buzz and excitement was generated by the glowing reviews and numerous social media features secured as we hosted food and lifestyle media, influencers, and celebrities for one-on-one tastings at the burgergrill where they indulged in delectable burgers and the restaurant‘s signature cocktails.

Apart from the restaurant’s food offerings, The Good Folks also actively drew focus to the calming into-the-woods design aesthetic that paid homage to Germany’s nature and ensured that the complete HANS IM GLÜCK experience was conveyed to our intended guests.

Following the launch of HANS IM GLÜCK’s flagship burgergrill at Raffles Place, The Good Folks successfully replicated the PR strategy and tactics for its new branch at Boat Quay later that year too.

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Hans Im Gluck - Chloetwl

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Hans Im Gluck - Sgcafehopping

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