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Embark on a #SoftandStrong
Journey with Mission Foods' All-New Supersoft Wraps

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In continued efforts to establish Mission Foods as a lifestyle brand, The Good Folks spearheaded a collaboration
with three inspiring women for the launch of the Supersoft wraps in Singapore.

In conjunction with the launch of its Supersoft wraps, Mission Foods collaborated with Bella Koh (@catslavery), Kate Low (@perkbykate) and Yip Pin Xiu (@yippinxiu) for a social media campaign that celebrates women and their sheer resilience.

As a part of the collaboration, the three diverse personalities each shared about their own #SoftandStrong journey through life’s challenges and developed an original recipe with the spotlight on the new Supersoft wraps.

For the official media launch event and in line with the theme of #SoftandStrong, The Good Folks organised an Barre workout at WeBarre, followed by a DIY wrap bar for the full Mission Foods experience.

Aside from the social media shout-outs by the media journalists and influencers whom attended the Barre workout, the original recipes developed by our #SoftandStrong personalities were also featured by key publications including Shape, 8 Days and UW.