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Eat Big or Go Home at Cathay
Malls' Epic Eater 2016 Competition!

To drive pre-publicity and registration for Cathay Malls’ Epic Eater 2016 competition,
The Good Folks got creative and challenged media and influencers to a little competition of their own.

Singaporeans’ insatiable love for food is undeniable and riding on the growing trend of competitive eating, Cathay Malls, which includes Cathay Cineleisure Orchard and The Cathay, announced its first-ever Epic Eater 2016 competition.

The timed food challenge was held in collaboration with casual Japanese-dining maki and salad eatery, Maki-san, known for its inventive, design-it-yourself maki rolls. For the purpose of the contest, Maki-san designed a special maki roll for the competition that included ingredients such as nori (seaweed) wrap, Japanese white rice, shredded cucumber, kani stick, tamagoyaki and teriyaki sauce, to facilitate speed eating.

Local professional competitive eaters, Zermatt Neo and Sarah Ow were also invited to an eating showcase at the finals at The Cathay to flaunt their jaw-dropping eating prowess and set the first record for maki-speed eating in the Singapore Book of Records.

The Good Folks spearheaded pre-event publicity by sending media and influencers their very own Epic Eater Challenge kit, consisting of Maki-san rolls along with a stopwatch. Pre-event interviews were also pitched for the local professional eaters to create hype and anticipation for the competition.