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Celebrating The New Arc Children's Centre

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Just as an arc refers to part of a circumference of a circle, Arc Children’s Centre is committed to forming a meaningful part of the Circle of Care for children in need.

Arc Children Centre - Children Performing on Stage

Arc Children Centre - Damien (3 year-old) Enjoying the New Slide

Arc Children Centre - Violette (6 year-old) Sharing with Guests What She Likes About the New Arc Children's Centre

Set up to provide holistic and integrated care as well as educational support to children braving cancer or critical illnesses, Arc stands strong as a safe and healthy day care centre for more than 200 children (aged 3-16) over the years – and continues to be a love-filled sanctuary for a growing number of young beneficiaries.

Spanning across 5,000 sq ft, the new Arc Children’s Centre is designed specifically to meet the needs of children with low immunity, and is built with the purpose of expanding enrichment opportunities and managing all health restrictions needed for children who are undergoing treatment.

Officiated by Mdm Tan Choo Leng, wife of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, The Good Folks managed all publicity efforts for this meaningful opening, which was featured in key dailies including The Straits Times (1) (2), The New Paper and Berita Harian.