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Can Happiness Truly Be Bought?

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Buying Happiness – a documentary that aims to answer the important question i.e. “Did Your Donations Make A Difference?”

Working alongside local film director, Mak CK, The Good Folks  is responsible for the publicity efforts of ”Buying Happiness”. The documentary aims to address the important issue of how donations impact ‘underprivileged’ lives in the long-run and shed light on the complex issues surrounding the  multi-billion-dollar development aid industry that  has been fighting poverty for decades.

A crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the documentary was launched in May 2016 via indiegogo. Through  active publicity, the team managed to secure close to  USD40K during the campaign period. The amount raised made “Buying Happiness” the most successful crowdfunded Singapore documentary ever.

Coverage for Buying Happiness appeared full page in The Straits Times, TODAY, Shinmin Daily News, 938Live, Timeout Singapore, Channel News Asia and more. The documentary also received support and donations from famous personalities such as Sandy Lam, Eunice Olsen, Keith Png, Clarence Lee and Belinda Lee.