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#BeLimitless with #JBLGoWireless

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Following the astounding success of our first major PR campaign for the JBL® Jr headphones in late 2017, The Good Folks took it up a notch
with a mission to free Singapore from wired headphones and kickstart the wireless revolution. Together with an army of bold trailblazers,
the #JBLGoWireless movement lit up social media and solidified JBL® as the leading brand of wireless headphones.

In 2018, JBL® embarked on a mission to free Singapore from wired headphones, daring trailblazers to #BeLimitless with the #JBLGoWireless movement. With a diverse range of wireless audio gear, we focused our efforts on three hero wireless products, the T110BT, Reflect Fit and Free.

To kickstart the campaign, we enlisted the support of over 60 top-tier media and lifestyle influencers, all of whom received an attention-grabbing creative kit with different fun and quirky elements (including JBL® patches and gold medals for cord cutting).

With these efforts, JBL® dominated the social media sphere with its wireless revolution as countless shout-outs and reviews were published on its various wireless offerings. Additional consumer elements like giveaways and promo codes were also implemented to increase engagement and add to the buzz of the campaign.

In keeping with the brand’s fun and larger-than-life personality, we also collaborated with local Youtube sensation, Hirzi Zulkiflie to showcase the true freedom of going wireless!