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Appreciate The Art Of Tea
With Charlie Tea

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Tasked to introduce Charlie Tea to the world amidst the global pandemic, The Good Folks adhered to the necessary social distancing guidelines and hosted food and lifestyle media, influencers and celebrities for one-on-one tastings at the concept store.

An all-new bubble tea concept by the BreadTalk Group, Charlie Tea aims to convey the Art of Tea through the blending of traditions with modern taste. Using tea leaves carefully curated from the Fujian Province in China and Sri Lanka, Charlie Tea offers freshly-brewed artisanal teas, fruit teas and bubble teas, as well as a variety of delectable treats including Danish pastries and Chunkie cookies.

Drawing inspiration from a traditional tea house, Charlie Tea’s first concept store at Takashimaya combines modernity with a touch of old-world charm. Reimagined as a sanctuary to offer respite for the soul, in the heart of, but yet away from the hustle and bustle of town, the tea house provides the perfect ambience for heartfelt ruminations and true tea appreciation.

With glowing reviews setting the internet abuzz following the numerous intimate tasting sessions we hosted, word soon spread of Charlie Tea’s unique bubble tea and scrumptious pastry offerings, and the brand quickly rose through the ranks and became an instant cult favourite of 2020.

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