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Adopt A Spicy Attitude To Life
With Mala Mala!

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Mala Mala, Singapore’s first homegrown mala brand, is all about reinterpreting traditional mala recipes with a contemporary twist, turning the exotic flavours of mala into the perfect indulgent snack, befitting of all lifestyles and one’s spice tolerance level. With three spiciness levels – Mild Spicy, Super Spicy and Crazy Spicy, Mala Mala Is truly tailored to suit every individual’s preferences.

Over the course of 6 months, The Good Folks worked with the Mala Mala team to introduce its signature offerings (i.e. Mala Mala Potato Wedges and Mala Mala Mushroom Chips), and its all-new Mala Mala Fish Skins to the media and influencers, effectively establishing it as the definitive mala snack in Singapore.

By getting the snacks into the hands of influential food critics, celebrities and social media personalities etc., Mala Mala was reviewed and featured by leading publications including Lianhe Zaobao, The New Paper, TODAY, Buro., 8 Days, U-Weekly, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Yahoo, Weekender, SHOUT, Seth Lui as well as  @stormscape, @alainlicious, @mightyfoodie, @jadeseah, @aggylow, @kellypanjiali, @iammichellechong, @jeandanker, @rozpho, @ohsofickle, @novitalam, @hotcheekylace, @elaineruimin, @vickiima and @emmtann etc.