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Against the backdrop of challenges faced by the F&B industry, whilst leveraging on RATIO‘s use of innovative technologies; The Good Folks developed a robust PR strategy for the launch of the retail concept and secured more than $4.5 million worth of coverage in a span of four months.

Be it a quick perk-me-up in the day or a collection of unique seasonal cocktails for an indulgent nightcap, RATIO is always ready to serve up delicious, made-to-order concoctions customised in the exact ratio you prefer.

Driven by science and inspired by heritage, every drink served at RATIO is whipped up precisely to order and speed, all thanks to the accuracy and consistency of AI and robotics. At the core of RATIO, is a team of seasoned RATIO-logists to serve and enlighten both the uninitiated curious drinker as well as the seasoned connoisseur.

Working closely with the team at RATIO, The Good Folks curated a strong catalogue of story angles and doubled down on its media pitching efforts to secure outstanding interviews and coverage across all leading print and online publications in Singapore.

Further efforts to establish RATIO as the go-to café and lounge included the hosting of influencers and personalities including Lawrence Wong, Yasminne Cheng, Jade Seah, Cynthia Koh, Patricia Mok and Mong Chin.

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