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Solvil Et Titus 'Path of Love' Media Event 2014

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Set to debut in April, media guests were invited for a preview of the highly anticipated ‘Penguin’ TV commercial and the new additions to its watch collection.

Widely known as a brand for love and romantic expressions, due largely in part to its series of romantic “天长地久“ TV commercials, Solvil et Titus made waves once again with the successful launch of the moving “Time Tree” commercial last December, the first of the three-part ‘Path of Love’ series which explores different aspects of the relationship between time and love.

This April, Solvil et Titus takes on the 2nd phase of the ‘Path of Love’ series with ‘Penguin’ – a heart-warming portrayal of mature love featuring Hong Kong’s foremost stage actor Fredric Mao Chun-Fai and Taiwan’s celebrated actress Su Ming-Ming. Shot by award-winning director David Tsui, the commercial encourages the audience to think about the true nature and meaning of love.

The Good Folks was tasked with conceptualising, managing and executing the special media preview event for ‘Penguin’, where guests were treated to a world premiere of the ‘Penguin’ commercial, along with the latest timepieces from Solvil et Titus.

To highlight the essence of time and love, a ‘Time Capsule’ installation was erected to display the various ‘love notes’ which our guests were encouraged to pen and dedicate to someone they hold dear. In addition, stills from the commercial were also displayed along with poignant quotes to set the mood and tone of the event; i.e. of love and sacrifice.

Above is the teaser trailer for the ‘Path of Love’ campaign whilst we await for the official release of ‘Penguin’ in April.