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Cirque The Cathay: A Halloween Event

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Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, plot your escape with psychopathic clowns hot on your heels!


In conjunction with Halloween in 2016, Cathay Malls created a clown-themed Halloween maze, Cirque the Cathay. The horrific maze was inspired by arguably the most prolific clown in film history, “Pennywise” or better known as “It”, from the film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel of the same name.

The Good Folks created pre-event publicity and anticipation for the Cirque the Cathay maze by sending media and influencers an ominous-looking black box with a customised clown stuffed toy (that resembled Pennywise!) buried in a mini coffin!

To uncover the invite to the preview event of the maze, media and influencers had to use a mini shovel to push away (real) soil and uncover the buried coffin. The coffin opened to reveal the mini Pennywise toy which was holding on to a vintage movie ticket with details to the event. The creative invite was met with enthusiastic response which led to much social media buzz and shout-outs for the Cirque the Cathay event. Cathay Malls also recorded overwhelming turnout for both its mazes at The Cathay and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.